Life-line, easier to draw than to put into words.

Important meaning, encapsulated in words, becomes superficial, banal, colourless.
The crucial….lies hidden between the lines.

Who am I? What do I do? And what for?

 I was born in Warsaw, and I have spent most of my life here, even though I never fully accepted city life.
I used to think things must be better elsewhere. I had numerous ideas how to use my life. I could be happy working in various professions, especially those related to nature.
 I loved drawing, so out of admiration to architecture I took up studies at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Conservation of Painting and Polychromed Sculpture.
At first, I worked as a heritage conservator. I was also involved in interior design, exhibitions, presentations and jewlery design. I cooperated with several advertising agencies, preparing story-boards. I painted copies and portays.

 I did not even think of original paintings of my own until the time someone „accidentally” noticed a draft I sketched for myself. I was encouraged to draw more of these. I never got to see that person again, but I trusted him – or rather – myself.
First exhibitions in Germany. It was the audience who told me, that there was a deep sense  behind my work.
I was convinced that such pictures are in demand – upspiritting, enchanted, calming, driving our thoughts into other worlds, letting us gain some distance to daily problems and strife. Simply – people felt good with these pictures around. It was quite a substantial argument for me to seriously engage in drawing and painting.

 When painting my own pieces, I used the techniques of ancient masters, especially Dutch technique (glaze painting). I have been experimenting with it till now, even though it is time consuming and requires patience. It does not really fit to these days of endless  race, competition,  with constant pressure to do more, faster… Painting included. (Perhaps I will learn that one day too… plein air painting painting which I love, and orders at short notice, which I avoid,  help me to learn.)

Will this race ever end? Is there a real winner?
  I have had a recurring question concerning the sense of what I do. Now I know, that the SENSE is exactly the one I imagine each moment, or the SENSE  is granted to each object by me, or whoever. Everyone has their own sense of sense.
I paint… because I paint. I am beacause I am.